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Our Angelic Link
Although I canít be with you ,
Iíve sent an angelís prayer ,
sealed tightly with an angelís kiss .
Our angel-link is there !

On Wings of Spun Gold
Archangel Raphael
Angel of healing ,
come to me ,
heal and hold my family ....

Archangel Michael
protect us all ,
through changes tomorrow
help us stand tall ....

Archangel Gabriel
offer guidance to me ,
remove my blindfold ,
my new path to see...

Archangel Uriel
please bring me peace ,
help me help others
with patience and ease ....

Angels of Mercy
tenderly enfold
myself and my family ,
in wings of spun gold ...


Angels visit every day
each day our whole life through.
Angels quietly whisper
the things we shouldnít do!
Angels give us loving hugs
when lifeís too much to bear;
Angels always stay with us
when no-one seems to care.
Angels are invisible
but Angels arenít a dream
Angels are companions
whose love is never seen....

Ferry across the Mersey T4U Group in Lincolnshire. Where I met the lady who inspired me to use the spoken word, as well as books of inspirational verse  At the Willoughby Welcomes book event with a descendant of Pochahontas    

Welcome to Inspirational Verse
by Annette Borrill
I have always had a love for the written word. Inspired by my late grandfather Bill I began to write for publication following the loss of my mother, Mona, in the early 1990's. My books of verse are shown on this site together with the CDs I have recorded. If you would like any of the books or the CDs my contact details are shown below or you can go to the Cds and books page. .

I hope you enjoy my verses and that they bring a little comfort and reassurance when needed.

May you live every day with light, love and happiness. I wish you peace.

"My Guiding Light", which is a short prayer with musical backing, will be released by NCM on a promotional compilation C D on May 1st 2010

"Well known TV presenter Gloria Hunniford has reviewed my new book "Walking With Angels : The Ultimate Collection of Angel Verses" She said "Having just completed a television series investigating ĎAngelsí, I was fascinated to receive and read these exquisite poems by Annette Borrill . These angel verses seem to get to the heart of the subject on all levels whether its bringing comfort, healing or a smile. For anyone interested in Angels, this book will be a collectorís item. Gloria Hunniford".

The book will soon be published. Click here to read the introduction.

Gloria and Jacky.
Jacky Newcomb with Gloria Hunniford, presenter of GMTVís Real Lives ĎAngelsí. Photo © Jacky Newcomb
I have also been fortunate in having Jacky Newcomb, who is extremely well known for her TV, book and magazine work about angels, to review the work.

She said "These beautiful verses will inspire you to connect with your angels in a deep and meaningful way. Annette's inspirational words reach to the very heart of why angels are working with us at this time. She truly has a gift!"
Jacky Newcomb ĎThe Angel Ladyí, Multi-Award Winning, Sunday Times best selling author, columnist and angel experiences expert. Patron of The Youth Cancer Trust

Reviews of my CDs and Books CDs - The Garden of Happiness & Community CDs
Excellent! Annette, you've done it again. Keep it up !

from Pastor Keith Brown (Hiscoming Ministries - Rapture Radio UK) on the verse "Angelic Messages"
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Books by Annette Borrill
Soul Friends Gifts of the Soul Three Rays of Light

My verses are available in a selection of books.

Please go to the CDs and Books page for a full list.

Garden of Happiness Community CD
My verses are avilable on a collection of CDs. Please visit the CDs and Books page for a full list.

Use the links below to listen to a selection of the tracks from the CDs
Angelic Messages Through Troubled Times
Bullied Believe
Power or Strength Everyday Angel
I am me and I'm OK  

I have been awarded the NCM (New Christian Music) Radio Mike Award for Poetry 2008. At the end of October the verse "Through Troubled Times Embrace Your Tears" reached number 15 in the NCM Euro Charts and A Candle for Christmas reached number 5 in the NCM Christmas Chart.
Recently I have been appearing at Theatres around the country reading my review in verse of the movie Snow Cake. This movie raises awareness of Autism. These readings have been in conjunction with Sarah Pell, mother of the movie's screen writer Angela Pell, and autism consultancy Peak Experience.

Sigourney Weaver  in Snow Cake
Sigourney Weaver in Snow Cake

Over the years I have worked with numerous groups and individuals in the community using verse to share thoughts and feelings, including Women's Aid and GFS Platform. My books have also been used in many areas beyond Lincolnshire, including: Walsingham, Norfolk; Liverpool, Ireland, The Anti Bullying Campaign in London, Scotland, Devon, a talking newspaper for the blind in Cornwall and others. Through my website I hope to reach an even wider audience.

As other writers will know it is not easy to have verses published; a majority of publishers exclude poetry, consequently I have relied on grants and self-publishing to share my love of the written word, I hope you feel the battle has been worth it!

My late mother, Mona, was a great fan of Patience Strong. I was looking for one of her verses to take to my mother in hospital when I heard she had passed away; perhaps fate was encouraging me to use verse for others. I have recently received a promising "reader's report"; who knows - my journey may have only just begun!

I would like to thank Charles Timberlake; Liz Lenten and Country Company ; Dr Paul Davis; Scarlet Recordings; C.itoi ltd and all my friends and family for their encouragement; especially Sarah Pell, Katrina Joseph, Edna Collingwood and Anne Dunn.

For Kate and Mick and always remembering my late family, who inspired me to write.
Annette Borrill
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